Georgia Criminal Records
      Georgia (GA) Employment Screening Criminal Records

      Due to the incomplete data reported by Georgia counties it is recommended that a current Georgia statewide Criminal and a
        county criminal background check be ordered for employment Screening. Both of these reports are normally returned within
        24 to 48 hours.

        Under Georgia First Time Offender Law– Certain first offender crimes in which the offender has been discharged without court
      adjudication of guilt may not be reported.
      The law requires that a “notification of discharge and exoneration” is to be placed upon the record by the court.
      This discharge is not to be viewed as a conviction, and therefore may not legally be used to disqualify an applicant in employment.

       Obtaining Georgia Criminal History Record Information and correcting inaccurate data:  Click Here

Arrest:  Criminal history record information available to employers is defined to include arrests, detentions, indictments, accusations, information, or other formal charges, and any disposition there from.  GA. Code Ann. 35-3-30.  Employers may not use arrest records that have been discharged under the First Offender’s Law when making an employment decision regarding a prospective employee. GA. Code Ann. 42-8-63.  Employers cannot obtain or use sealed records. GA. Code Ann. 15-11-79.2, 35-3-37

Cobb County GA.
Cobb county contains misdemeanor and felony criminal Information since 1999. Data may include Case Number, Case Type, Offense, Disposition Date, File Date, and Sentence Date. This data is updated monthly.

Richmond County
GA. Richmond County data contains felony and misdemeanor criminal information since 2001. Data can include Arrest Date, Case Number, Offense Date, Status, Case Type, Offense Literal, Violation Code, Sentence Period, Disposition Stage, Fine, Disposition Date, Sentence, File Date, Disposition Method, Degree of Offense, Sentence Date, and Counts. Data is updated monthly.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Data contains information on more than 445,000 individuals who have been convicted on felony charges in Georgia since the early 1970s. Data may include name, DOB, offense, and disposition date.

Georgia Parole Board File
Data consists of individuals currently under the supervision of the GA. Parole Board. It does not include probationers or offenders that have completed sentences.

Georgia Dept of Corrections
Department of Corrections records for statewide felony criminal convictions and guilty pleas of individuals sentenced to serve time, community service, or have received suspended sentence, parole, or probation at any state facility since 1979. Data represents over 1 million persons guilty of felonies and some state-level misdemeanors. Results may include offense, offense date, sentence, sentence date, probation, release date, as well as personal information including address, date of birth, height, weight, race, and sex.

Georgia Sex Offender
Georgia Sex Offender Registry records. Results may include offenders either released from prison or placed on probation, parole or supervised release after July 1, 1996. Photos included.

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