Information That should be Included in An Employee's File



The following information is not intended to represent legal or other professional advice. If you have specific issues regarding personnel file contents, you should discuss them with your human resources consultant or lawyer.


Suggested Documents to be included in an Employee's file


  • Request for application
  • Employee's original employment application
  • Prescreening application notes
  • College recruiting interview report form
  • Employment interview report form
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
  • Other background verification
  • Rejection letter
  • Employment offer letter
  • Employment agency agreement if hired through an agency
  • Employee Handbook acknowledgment form showing receipt of Handbook
  • Checklist from new employee orientation showing subjects covered
  • Veterans/Disabled self-identification form
  • Transfer requests
  • Relocation offer records
  • Relocation report
  • Security clearance status


  • W-4 Form
  • Weekly time sheets
  • Individual attendance record
  • Pay advance request record
  • Garnishment orders and records
  • Authorization for release of private information
  • Authorization for all other payroll actions

Performance Appraisals

  • New employee progress reports
  • Performance appraisal forms
  • Performance improvement program records

Training and Development

  • Training history records
  • Training program applications/requests
  • Skills inventory questionnaire
  • Training evaluation forms
  • In-house training notification letters
  • Training expense reimbursement records

Employee Separations

  • Exit interview form
  • Final employee performance appraisal
  • Exit interviewer's comment form
  • Record of documents given with final paycheck


  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Medical/Dental/Vision coverage waiver/drop form
  • Vacation accrual/taken form
  • Request for non-medical leave of absence
  • Retirement application
  • Payroll deduction authorizations
  • COBRA notification/election
  • Hazardous substance notification and or reports
  • Tuition reimbursement application and or payment records
  • Employer concession and or discount authorization
  • Annual benefits statement acknowledgment
  • Safety training/meeting attendance/summary forms

Wage/Salary Administration

  • Job description form
  • Job analysis questionnaire
  • Payroll authorization form
  • Fair Labor Standards Act exemption test
  • Compensation history record
  • Compensation recommendations
  • Notification of wage and or salary increase/decrease

Employee Relations

  • Report of coaching/counseling session
  • Employee Assistance Program consent form
  • Commendations
  • Employee written warning notice
  • Completed employee suggestion forms
  • Suggestion status reports

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