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Low cost, easy, fast and accurate   employment background check services. All employment criminal background checks, driving records, drug screening, employment credit reports and all other employment screening and   background check services  for most any size business or organization

We explain-you decide.

We will be glad to review your background check and other employment screening requirements to determine what employment screening services we might suggest.
You decide how thoroughly you want to screen an applicants background.

No maintenance charges and no long term contracts

You only pay for what you order

We offer fast turn around times on all searches
All of our reports are FCRA Compliant

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Fast State Employment Screening Driving Records

are often used as the first part of the employment screening process as a seriously questionable driving record may be an indication of more serious issues that would make someone a doubtful employee.

It should be noted that MVR'S provided by insurance companies may only be used to determine insurability and are not suitable for use in employment screening as they do not comply with Federal laws that apply to the employment screening process.

Moreover, they are instant, so decisions can be made quickly concerning the hiring process.

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We offer pre employment drug screening to all businesses at competitive pricing.
All you need to do is select the drug screening option from your employment screening menu.

To avoid ADA issues, we always recommend the use of a Medical Review Officers (MRO)

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Credential Verification Services

A careful employer does not take as a certainty everything in an applicant’s resume without an employment background check. why Applicants are routinely asked for references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers to be checked out. A background check on an applicant’s employment history records can protect the company as well as fellow employee’s and management.

Employment verifications and background checks are investigated for a variety of reasons. Potential employers and others with interest search a person’s employment status, current location of employment and history of employment. It is important for employers and headhunters to see if a person in question is currently employed, has a questionable work history or submitted an accurate and truthful resume. Poor hiring or headhunting often costs a company lost productivity, potential lawsuits and grievances, diminished employee moral and the blow to corporate reputation. One of the top reasons for unsuccessful hiring is the decision maker having false information or not enough accurate information.

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Employment credit reports are normally only ordered on applicants in positions of financial trust or on top executives of a company.

Accountants, bookkeepers, cashiers and others with access to a company's financial books and records might fall into this category.

You must of course be consistent in that you must order these reports on all individuals in the same position.

You may not discriminate by ordering an employment credit report on select individuals.

Site inspections required for credit reports: Click Here

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means we take care of most of the time consuming applicant information collection, authorization and disclosure forms and releases which take up so much of the employment screening process.

Even adverse action letters can be handled with the click of a mouse.

We offer the easiest and fastest employment background check services including:

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