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Thank you for allowing us to provide your TRICARE® compliant background checks. 


We want to be sure there are no surprises when ordering these reports

TRICARE® background checks are among the most detailed and thorough required in any industry.

Sometimes, there are additional fees required to complete background checks,  that  are compliant with TRICARE’S®  extensive background check  requirements.

Not all state criminal records are maintained uniformly.

 Therefore, even though every report is already an extensive criminal records check, when an applicant has an address history in some states, TRICARE® requires that we access  those state criminal records repositories directly.

These criminal record repository access fees are currently charged by the following states:

Colorado – $ 5.00

Florida – $25.00

Illinois – $ 10.00

Indiana – $ 16.32

Kansas – $20.00

Kentucky – $25.00

Massachusetts – $25.00

Maine – $31.00

Michigan – $10.00

Mississippi – $ 10.00

Montana – $20.00

New Hampshire – $25.00

New York – $105.00

Oklahoma – $15.00

Puerto Rico – $15.00

South Carolina – $ 26.00

South Dakota – $20.00

Tennessee – $29.00

Texas – $ 4.00

Utah – $ 1.00

Virginia – $ 15.00

Vermont – $30.00

We must pass these fees on to the end user.
But, we do not mark these state fees up in any way.


Please do not remove any states from the reports.


TRICARE® will reject any background check if the applicant has lived in any of these states that are not checked for records.


For our TRICARE®  background checks  frequently asked questions page, please click here.


Please be assured we are always available to discuss these background checks, or any other questions you may have.

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