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Employment Screening Solutions

Began as a service requested by the clients of a commercial insurance and bonding agency founded in Tampa, Florida in 1981.

After providing pre-employment screening services for their insurance and bonding clients through a large national background check provider, the agency determined that the level of service provided by this large employment screening company was simply not acceptable.

The large background check data providers offering employment screening delivered:

1.    Slow response to calls.

2.    Slow turnaround times.

3.    Inconsistent explanations of results.

4.    Difficult to read and understand reports.

Therefore, they were not providing the level of service businesses require and the agency’s clients demanded a better pre-employment screening service solution.

Agency management searched the market for a better solution, including trying out another large employment screening provider.
It became evident that the Axiom of doing it yourself if you want it done right applied to this situation.

What began as providing driving records to the insurance agency's clients soon evolved into providing a complete employment screening service.

We were determined to bring a high level of professional service to the employment screening business.


Prompt response

Fast, friendly service

We are proud to say that our corporate culture extends the level of service to our clients that we would like and appreciate for ourselves. We have invested in the technology required to remain on the leading edge of this business.


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