Assisting Applicants in Disputing Criminal Records

Our job is to provide accurate information to assist potential employers in making employment related decisions.

The last thing we want to do is report inaccurate information on anyone.

You will find that we will make every effort and provide all possible assistance in correcting records when they are found to be not accurate.

Please bear in mind that the records we report are provided by various county, state and Federal record repositories.

We do not put the information in the records, we only report what is contained in the records.

 We take our responsibilities seriously.

That means we want to assist applicants when needed by promptly responding to disputes.

We must verify that we are indeed dealing with the correct person and will ask you to provide details to verify this.

We will go over the disputed information contained in the background report and promptly re investigate. If corrections are needed, we will promptly re-issue the report.

National Employment Screening (NES) believes in and supports both the spirit and letter of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) In that connection, we do our best to provide accurate and timely background records and information to promote and insure the accuracy of the screening process for clients and applicants.

Please remember however, National Employment Screening is not the originating source of public and or private screening information, but rather obtains and verifies information from the appropriate government agency, credit or public record databases, office of record and various companies, courts and organizations.

Moreover, National Employment Screening has no part in the decision to hire or not hire anyone.

National Employment Screening will accurately report screening records and information it receives from these sources, but is not responsible for accuracy and/or content of information received during a background investigation.

If you believe that information reported by National Employment Screening in the Consumer Report on you is inaccurate, you are entitled to have the information re-verified.

By calling, emailing or completing the following form and mailing or faxing it to National Employment Screening. The following action(s) will be taken:

If the disputed information is from an official record or database, such as criminal, driving, credit or professional license, it will be rechecked for correctness by National Employment Screening.

A) If a report posting a discrepancy is uncovered, the report will be corrected and reissued.

B) If record documentation or an official from the office of record reaffirms the original information, the consumer will be provided with the contact information for disputing the records with the source.

If the disputed information is a verification of a reference, such as prior employment, education, or personal reference, it will be re-verified.

A) If updated or corrected information is provided by an official or appropriate personnel an addendum screening report will be issued.

B) If the original information is reaffirmed by an official or appropriate personnel, the report will be reissued and the consumer will be provided with the contact information for disputing the information with the source.

Call Us At 800-459-3034 if you need assistance disputing a report provided by
 National Employment Screening


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All forms, policies, information and procedures should be reviewed by your legal counsel before being used in any way.

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