With the intent of keeping the criminal element out of the legal cannabis industry, all of the states have made background checks a requirement to own or work in the legal cannabis industry.

Cannabis industry background checks are both required and also an important risk management tool.

The nature of the Cannabis business  is similar to other high end businesses, like jewelry stores that have expensive merchandise on hand.

Cash on hand, money deposits, expensive products and  delivery risks are  attractive to criminals.

And, as in many businesses , crimes are often the result of an “insider” either committing or facilitating a crime.

A thorough background check will help the owners and staff avoid hiring employees, that  present a risk to  officers, owners customers and other employees.



Is a state criminal records search an adequate criminal records check?


While a state criminal records background check may be the minimum background check required by some state, many business owners consider our criminal record Smart Search Plus® to be a worthwhile risk management tool. 

Our criminal Smart Search Plus®. is an extensive search of criminal records repositories maintained by Counties, States and the  Federal criminal court system.

It also includes a check of all Federal watch lists, as well as a check of  the sex offender registry in all 50 states.

Equally important perhaps, is our fast same day to next day returns  of our background checks in most cases..

Reducing or eliminating claims also helps businesses secure insurance availability and reduces the likelihood of bad publicity.

Sorting out the background check requirements  for employment in the legal cannabis –  marijuana industry can be complicated.

The rules for background checks required for licensing of business owners and officers, are often somewhat more stringent than those required for employees.

Cannabis industry Background Check requirements can be roughly divided into two categories.

 Licensing and Badging.

licensing is required by the states and all officers and owners of the business will be required to undergo a background check.

Badging, is the requirement of passing a background check for the purpose of employment in the industry.

 All states require officers and owners, investors, executives, and workers in the industry to pass thorough background checks that include reviews of their criminal records, civil legal history, and even social media postings.

Some records may not exclude them from owning or employment in the legal cannabis business, depending on the state.

There are two considerations for employers.

The first is running a state compliant background check.

The second is, what arrests and or convictions prevent employment in each state?

So far, at least 38 states have legalized cannabis to one degree or another.


For a comprehensive list of state marijuana laws, the National Conference Of State Legislatures has published a list of current  laws by state:



United States map of State Cannabis Programs

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