Checking Job References

Information On Checking Job references

1. Get Signed Permission

For a sample form and tips on checking with prior employers:  Click Here

2. Ask as many questions as the previous employer will allow.

Just getting dates of employment  doesn't tell you much about the applicant.

3. Point out any employer shield laws your state may have that protect employers from lawsuits if they give out information that is correct.

Remember, a prior employer can sometimes face serious liability for not disclosing factual and relevant information about a prior employee.

Please visit our site map for employer shield laws and other employment screening tips that may apply.

Find the state you are looking for and click on that state's employment screening link.

I. Florida Employment Screening

4. Have a carefully prepared list of questions you would like to ask.

5. Be sure they are questions that are allowed and that pertain to the job and are not illegal questions.

6. Only allow employees that are familiar with employment laws to participate in the interview process.

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