Civil Records Checks

Civil Records Checks

Civil Records

Identifies non-criminal lawsuits filed by or against an employee or company at the county level in either upper or lower courts, as determined by monetary value set by the state and/or county.

A civil search is an excellent tool for screening applicants who may have access to money or merchandise. It is also a good source of information for cases involving sexual harassment or discrimination, as well as contracts.

There are three levels of searches:

Federal civil. (Same day to 3 days)
Federal civil searches (usually white collar offenses) include records that involve alleged violations of federal statutory or constitutional rights. These civil cases are brought by individuals, businesses or governmental entities; they may seek monetary damages, request injunctions to stop allegedly illegal behavior or monetarily pursue other remedies provided by law. Federal civil cases deal with many types of issues, including interstate commerce, anti-trust activity and violations of federal codes.

Upper and lower civil courts. (Same day to 3 days)
These venues are distinguished based upon the financial value of a claim. The monetary amount that dictates the proper venue varies from state to state.

Lower civil searches identify lower value cases such as eviction, small claims and minor disputes.

Upper Civil searches are generally of higher value, cases such as divorce and other more substantial monetary settlements.

Your report will include:

- Name of the court
- File number
- File date
- Plaintiff
- Defendant name
- Cause of action
- Judgment

Updated 03/2019

All of our reports are FCRA compliant.

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