Dedicated Courteous Service

Dedicated Courteous Service

Prompt response

Fast, friendly service

Excellence is not always a skill, it is more often an attitude.

We know the main reason people choose to do business with our company and why they stay with us year after year.

It's called Service.

We prefer excellent service from the companies we deal with and we expect to deliver the highest level of service and courtesy to our clients.

We understand your need to get the employment screening results you order ASAP.
We make every effort to deliver the fastest search turn around times in the employment screening industry.
We take great pride in responding to all inquiries with speed and courtesy.

We are here to explain things and are glad to answer any questions you may have.

You may consider this a promise from us.

Anytime we are not fulfilling this promise, please let us know.

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Criminal Record Smart Search Plus®
Other Criminal Records Checks
Instant Driving Records

Pre-Employment Credit Reports
Pre-Employment Credentialing
Pre-Employment Drug Screening
Volunteer Employment Screening
Church Worker Employment Screening
Autism Care Employment Screening
Health Care Provider Employment Screening
Consent Based SSN Verification
Credential Verifiication Services
I-9 Verification Compliance
E-Verify Program

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