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Hello Client.

Thank you for the credit card agreement. The billing configuration has been updated and you can begin ordering when ever you like.

When you are ready to order please proceed to our login page below at:

Your login credentials are as follows:  

User – new user

Pass – xxxxxxxxx

(You can change your password once logged in by clicking “My Account” at the top)

Once logged in, please click “Order Report” at the top.

Then, on the next page select the Searches you want to order from your menu and click “Next Step” at the bottom.

On the following page please enter your candidates information in the required fields (name, DOB, SSN, Address) and click “next” at the bottom.

The final page is your order summary.

Please review the information that was entered for accuracy, then click the box at the bottom certifying the information will be used for an employment decision. t

Then click the “order” button when it appears.

The results will be automatically emailed to you when complete.

With regard to billing; on the first of the month and invoice will be generated for any reports ordered the previous month.

The invoice will be automatically emailed to you. 5 days after the date on the invoice your card will be automatically charged.

With regard to the release form; our release is a general release that includes language pertaining to all aspects of employment screening.

NES will only be conducting criminal background checks (to include sex offender) on your employees. I have attached a copy of our release in a Word Doc format.

If any of your employees feel uncomfortable signing the previous release then feel free to make changes to the attached Word Doc formatted release.

I will be happy to go over the ordering process with you tomorrow at your convenience anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM EST. 

Please feel free to contact me directly at 800-459-3034  EXT 101 or

Best Regards,

Christopher Holt

National Employment Screening

PO Box 771274

Ocala, FL 34477

Phone 800-459-3034 EXT. 101

FAX 305-852-6010


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