Unfreezing your credit report to allow access for an employment credit report

Updated 05/2020

If you need to unfreeze your credit bureau file in order to allow an employment credit report, you must contact the credit bureau in which you have frozen your credit report and allow a one time single use access.

We use Trans-Union for employment credit reports, so if your prospective employer has advised you that we have been unable to secure your employment credit report, please contact Trans-Union and secure a one-time pin number allowing access to your credit file.

Please provide the pin number you receive from TransUnion to the employer, who must order a new employment credit report.

The number for TransUnion is 800-916-8800.

It is important to note that credit reports requested for employment related purposes are not the same as credit reports requested for the the granting of credit.
Employment Credit Reports do not damage your credit in any way nor do they include your credit score. 


Neither the business you applied to nor the background screening company that requested the employment credit report may discuss it’s contents with you.

Only the credit bureaus themselves can discuss, correct or change information contained in their files.
If you need to dispute information on a credit report a link to the FTC publication can be found here:


The three main credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

The number for Equifax is 800-685-1111,

the number for Experian is 877-284-7942,

and the number for TransUnion is 800-916-8800.

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