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For further information on human resources information protection, this site offers an excellent guide to Human Resources Security Guide Click Here

The  importance of data security and the protection of sensitive employee information is a major consideration.
The breach of sensitive personal information happens all too often.
That is why you can be assured that all of our information is processed and stored in the United States.

Sensitive data is protected with secure storage and proper handling.

You may notice when logging in to your account the URL has an HTTPS prefix.

All sensitive and private information is transmitted over and maintained on  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protected servers.

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Criminal Record Smart Search Plus®
Other Criminal Records Checks
Instant Driving Records

Pre-Employment Credit Reports
Pre-Employment Credentialing
Pre-Employment Drug Screening
Volunteer Employment Screening
Church Worker Employment Screening
Autism Care Employment Screening
Health Care Provider Employment Screening
Consent Based SSN Verification
Credential Verifiication Services
I-9 Verification Compliance
E-Verify Program

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