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Employment Verification Services

A careful employer does not take as a certainty everything in an applicant’s resume without an employment background check. why Applicants are routinely asked for references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers to be checked out. A background check on an applicant’s employment history records can protect the company as well as fellow employee’s and management.

Employment verifications and background checks are investigated for a variety of reasons. Potential employers and others with interest search a person’s employment status, current location of employment and history of employment. It is important for employers and headhunters to see if a person in question is currently employed, has a questionable work history or submitted an accurate and truthful resume. Poor hiring or headhunting often costs a company lost productivity, potential lawsuits and grievances, diminished employee moral and the blow to corporate reputation. One of the top reasons for unsuccessful hiring is the decision maker having false information or not enough accurate information.

What’s more, our reference checks provide you relief. Relief from making numerous phone calls. Relief from confirming every applicant claim. Relief from tracking down hard-to-access details.

See following example of a Past Employment Verification Report:

Information Provided
Manager Name Ray Smith
Location Fort Lauderdale FL
Position Held Service Installer
Phone Number (954) 638-XXXX
Dates Employed 05/06 - 01/08
Salary 2k/month
Reason For Leaving Not enough work

Information Verified
Verified Position Held Outside Service Installer
Verified Dates Employed 05/2006 - 01/2008
Verified Salary NA
Attendance No Comment
Work Habits No Comment
Discipline Problems No Comment
Performance No Comment
Communication Skills No Comment
Eligible for rehire Yes
Verified Reason For Leaving NA

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