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Updated 05/2020

The Georgia administrate code that regulates pre-employment drug screening is Ga. Code Ann. §45- 23-1 et seq. §45-20-110 et seq., 34-9-410 et seq

Like many other states, Georgia has a drug-free workplace program that prescribes work related drug testing.

Employers can qualify for a discount on their workers’ compensation insurance premiums if they  follow the state’s regulations to qualify for the premium discount.

Testing can only be done in certain circumstances and must follow the procedures set forth by law that are designed to protect applicant and employee’s rights.

Employers are required to distribute a written policy regarding the drug testing.

Employees must be given at least 60 days’ notice of the policy. Also, any employee that tests positive must be given at least five days to explain and/or contest the drug test esult.

Also, employers are required to furnish an employee assistance program (EAP) resources, employee education, and supervisor training. Employers must also abide by certain procedures for gathering specimens, testing, maintaining confidentiality.

Compliance to the program entitles employers to a 7.5 percent workers’ compensation premium discount.

Self-insured employers are eligible for the voluntary drug-free workplace program credit by filing the appropriate application for certification.

Job applicants who have been awarded an offer for employment are required by law to be tested for substance abuse.

Though not required, both random and on -site testing is allowed under the voluntary program.

To receive a drug free workplace certification, employers must provide at least two hours of training in substance abuse and an additional two hours of similar training for those in supervisory positions.

As a requirement for the first year certification of a drug-free workplace program, employers must provide two hours of substance abuse education plus another 2 hours of related training for supervisors. Thereafter, training requirements for supervisors can be reduced to one hour per year.

Substance abuse testing can only be done by persons that have been trained and properly certified to conduct testing for substance abuse.

They must follow approved chain of custody procedures and be trained in the collection of drug testing specimens.

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