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Home and office cleaning service companies have significant liability for the acts of employees and sub contractors.

And, their clients want to be assured that a thorough criminal record background check has been completed on anyone they grant access to their home or business.

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Employers are particularly vulnerable to misconduct by their employees and contractors while they are in homes or businesses as they go about doing their jobs.

They may be missing as many as 10 percent of their applicant’s criminal records that may be found in the Federal criminal records system. Moreover, these are not usually minor crimes.

We have developed a new criminal record background check that is particularly well suite for home and business service companies as it also checks Federal criminal records as part of the background checks.

A criminal records Smart Search Plus®includes:

everything included in the standard criminal record “Smart Search®” and it also includes an unlimited check of Federal Criminal Records in all needed federal court jurisdictions where the applicant may have lived as evidenced in the social security address history trace.

The need for the criminal records “Smart Search Plus®” is better explained here:

Federal Criminal Records are maintained in an entirely separate records repository and may only be accessed through the Federal court system in each state.

Along with the phenomenal growth of the internet, we have also noted a dramatic increase in the crimes charged in the Federal criminal justice system.

US Department of Justice data suggests that approximately 10% of the 2 million people incarcerated in the US are in the Federal Bureau of Prison’s custody and of the 6.8 million people under some form of probation or parole 10  percent are being supervised by the Federal government as opposed to a state corrections department.

The bureaus of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), The FBI, the U.S. Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Secret service and Homeland Security all file criminal charges in the Federal Criminal Justice system.

Federal criminal records are maintained entirely separately by the Federal court system in each state.

Now, many crimes such as Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud, Drug Trafficking, Kidnapping, Embezzlement, Bank Robbery, Weapons Charges, internet Child Pornography, Tax Evasion, Counterfeiting, Internet Related Sex Crimes, Tax Refund Fraud and many others are prosecuted in the Federal criminal justice system and not in state or county criminal courts.

In these cases, an applicant who has not incurred a criminal record in a state or county court, may have a serious criminal record in the Federal court system.

Those Federal criminal records would go undetected in the course of a traditional state and county criminal record background search.

As a result, many of our clients now routinely choose to include a check of Federal criminal records on their prospective employees.

In that connection, we have developed a new product that addresses the need to include a search of serious criminal activity which will only appear in the Federal criminal records systems.

The Criminal Records Smart Search Plus® addresses the concern of missed serious Federal criminal records by providing an unlimited search of all Federal criminal records in the jurisdictions which the applicant may have resided in within the last seven years.

The Criminal Records “Smart Search Plus®”is just as fast and easy as our Smart Search and will be included in your menu.

Simply select the Criminal Records Smart Search Plus®”from your order menu, and the appropriate Federal jurisdictions will automatically be searched for you along with the state and county records already searched with the Smart Search. A check of the sex offender registry (SOR) in all 50 states is also included.

Please see attachments of an actual applicant (personal information has been changed) that had no criminal record at the state level, but did have a serious Federal criminal record as well as a Federal case currently pending in one of the U.S. Federal District courts.

Our newly developed proprietary software allows us to access the Federal criminal records systems in any state an applicant may have lived in.

Therefore, a search of multi-state Federal criminal records can be included at a minimal extra cost to the standard criminal record Smart Search.


1. A multi-state criminal background check Including a check of the sex offender registry in all 50 states.Included:


The Multi-State criminal background check also includes: OFAC Blocked List- Terrorist Watch List (Office Of foreign Assets Control),
INTERPOL Most Wanted- NS, DEA Fugitive List, Denied Persons List, Debarred List, OTS List- NS (Office Of Thrift Supervision),
Bank of England Sanctions List- NS, European Union Terrorism Sanctions List- NS, OSFI – Canadian Sanctions List- NS,
Australian Reserve Bank Sanctions List- NS

2. A 10 year social Security Number address history Trace

3. County or State criminal background checks from any county or State of residence based on the last 7 years social security number address history, from counties or states not already included in the multi-state criminal background check.

(This averages 1.75 additional county criminal background checks.)

These county or State criminal background checks are ordered for you automatically based on addresses shown in the applicant’s social security number trace. Criminal records returned on the multi-state criminal are also verified in the jurisdiction of record by ordering up to date county criminal records as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Legally Complaint

All of our reports are FCRA compliant.

Updated 03/2020

Our Automated Employment Screening provides an applicant controlled process that allows FCRA compliant background check forms, including Electronic Chain-Of-custody  forms and  releases to be completed online by the applicant.

We provide several short   videos    to  easily acquaint you with the system.

This really does make the background check process fast and easy.

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