How Often Should background Checks Be Repeated?

Rolling -Periodic Background Checks


Because peoples lives change, background checks are the best way to keep up with employment relative life events such as arrests and convictions that may occur after an employee or volunteer is initially screened for criminal records.

Litigation often asserts that the employer could have known and should have known about an employee’s propensity to cause harm.

It is suggested that employers want to be sure their employment background check release forms include provisions for rolling or periodic background checks.

Some authorities on the matter say that employees should be re-screened for criminal activity at a minimum of every two to five years,

Moreover, since about 10 percent of criminal activity is now prosecuted in the Federal criminal justice system, all employee and volunteer background checks should include a check of the Federal criminal records in every state where the applicant has lived.

One lawsuit could easily pay for many years of background checks.

In the course of employment a number of circumstances arise that would suggest a background check be performed.

A. Promotions.
Since promotions usually include greater responsibilities and often greater access to sensitive company information a background check re-screening is likely a good idea.

B. Working With Vulnerable Populations

Employees or volunteers that work with children, the disabled or the elderly should be re-screened every two years at a minimum.

C. Re-hiring Or Seasonal Employees Or Volunteers

Even though an employee or volunteer may have undergone an initial screening, life events during periods of absence may cause an employer to reconsider the suitability of a volunteer or certain employees

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