How To Establish Or Set Up A Drug Free Work Place Testing Program?

Basics of Employment Drug Testing

Screening or testing for drugs is only one component of establishing a comprehensive drug-free workplace program.

A well designed and thorough drug-free workplace program will significantly contribute to providing a workplace that is free of the safety, health and loss of production caused by an employees’ abuse of alcohol or drugs.
Such a program will inform employees about the risks and dangers associated with  alcohol and drug abuse.

It will encourage individual employees with drug and alcohol problems to seek help.
It will also protect businesses from alcohol and drug related accidents and other dangers, while retaining valuable employees who prefer to work in a safe workplace environment.

A drug-free workplace program must  also include:

1. A written company policy that clearly outlines employer expectations regarding drug use.

2. It must include training for supervisors on the signs and symptoms and signs of drug use.

3. Supervisors must also be trained in enforcement procedures.

4. A program for educating employees about the dangers of drug use.

5. Provisions must also be made for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides counseling and referral to employees struggling with drug problems.

The Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has developed a:

Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit

The Drug-Free Workplace Toolkit provides information to help employers develop and sustain successful drug-free workplace programs.

Click here
for a link to to this helpful document.

Drug free workplace programs must comply with various state and Federal laws. Frequent changes in these laws such as legalization of Marijuana for personal means that you will need to have your policies approved by your HR consultant or your legal counsel use.

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