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Updated 05/2021

All employment background check services including Instant driving records, pre-employment drug screening and employment criminal record background checks are available throughout Louisiana.

Ban The Box updated September 1,2016

The Louisiana Legislature has passed “Ban the Box” legislation that prohibits state employers from inquiring about the criminal history of a prospective employee on an initial application until after the prospective employee is given an opportunity to interview for the position or until after the prospective employee is given a conditional offer of employment.

House Bill No. 266 (HB 266).
The bill will now be sent to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards for approval.

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Use Of Social Media In Louisiana Pre-Employment Screening:

Employers cannot require prospective or current employees to disclose their username, password, or other login information that allows access to or observation of personal social media accounts (2014

Background Checks.  Our criminal records  Smart Search Plus®   has become the industry standard for a quality criminal records background check.

It includes an unlimited check of the Federal criminal records repositories in the states where the applicant has lived for the past 7 years.

It also includes a check of any needed state and county criminal records checks as well as a social security number address history trace, a multi-state criminal records database search and a check of of the sex offender registry in all 50 states.

It is the criminal records background check now chosen by most of our clients. For a brief overview of all of our employment screening services, please  Click Here


No Louisiana statutes have been located that restrict an employer’s ability to obtain and/or use arrest records.


No Louisiana statutes have been located that restrict an employer’s ability to obtain and/or use conviction records. Records of criminal convictions that have not been expunged are public record. La. Rev. Stat. § 44:3(I)

However,individuals may not be disqualified from engaging in any profession requiring a state license solely because of a criminal record unless convicted of a felony directly relating to the position sought.

Any decision by a Louisiana agency barring an applicant from engaging in such a profession that is based partially on a criminal record must be in writing and must explicitly state the reasons for the decision.

This statute is not applicable to law enforcement agencies or certain state boards regulating professions where integrity is of the utmost concern (e.g., medical examiners, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, state bar association, private investigators, engineering, architecture,

funeral directors, and the board of education). La.Rev. Stat. § 37:2950.
Once a criminal record has been expunged,employers have no right to obtain information therein (except for certain health care providers as noted below). La. Rev. Stat. § 44:9.

Louisiana state criminal data base supplies very limited records. Always order one or more county criminal background checks on Louisiana employment applicants.

A current county criminal records background search is recommended for Louisiana employment screening background check on all applicants.

Bossier Parish
Bossier Parish criminal records containing information on over 200,000 individuals. Data can include name, offense, file date, and case number.

Caddo Parish

Caddo Parish criminal records containing information on over 100,000 individuals. Data can include name, offense, file date, status, and case number.

St Tammany County

Data from St Tammany County consists of felony, misdemeanor and traffic records on over 48,755 individuals since 1988. Data may contain Name, Date of Birth, Race, Sex, Offenses, Disposition, Case Number, Charge Date, Charge Type and File Date. Data is updated monthly.

Louisiana Department of Corrections

LA DOC is Louisiana Parole Board data dating back to November 2004. Updated monthly.

Louisiana Sex Offender Registry

contains information about individuals convicted after July 1, 1997, for the commission or attempted commission of a sex offense or a criminal offense against a victim who is a minor. Data can include name of the offender, address of offender, crime for which offender was convicted, date and place of conviction, any aliases used by the offender, and photo of offender.

Our Automated Employment Screening provides an applicant controlled process that allows FCRA compliant background check forms, including Electronic Chain-Of-custody  forms and  releases to be completed online by the applicant.

We provide several short   videos    to  easily acquaint you with the system.

This makes the background check process fast and easy.

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