Employment Drug Screening Services And Drug Testing In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Employment Drug Testing

We provide convenient pre-employment drug screening and drug testing primarily through  Quest Diagnostics .

 Quest Diagnostics has thousands of offices nationwide for applicant convenience.

Massachusetts has not passed legislation addressing drug testing in private employment

Workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits may be denied to an employee for deliberate misconduct in violation of the employer’s standard rules or enforced policy.

A drug free workplace policy should be in place.

 Time required for testing existing employees is considered compensable work time.
Costs for drug tests must be paid by the employer.

Employers may not discriminate by testing only certain groups of employees by race or gender for drug testing.

Nor, may they defame an employee by publicizing an employee’s positive test results.

ADA. An applicant who is taking medication for a disability is protected by the Americans With Disability act (ADA.)


Our Automated Employment Screening provides an applicant controlled process that allows FCRA compliant background check forms, including Electronic Chain-Of-custody  forms and  releases to be completed online by the applicant.

We provide several short   videos    to  easily acquaint you with the system.

This  makes the background check process fast and easy.

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