What Is A Medical Review Officer?

MRO’S are licensed physicians and who are responsible for receiving and reviewing drug test results generated by an employer’s drug testing program.


A primary responsibility of the Medical Review Officers (MRO)  is to evaluate  any medical explanations for certain non-negative drug test results. MRO’S also determine if there is a legitimate medical explanation for laboratory confirmed adulterated, substituted and invalid drug test results.

Employers should never ask applicants to disclose any prescription medications they are taking. Their right not to disclose is protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The rationale is that, by asking about prescription drugs you might take, the employer can find out about any disabilities you have and use the information to discriminate against you.

Employers who force you to disclose are in clear violation of the law.

Protect your company. Put an MRO between you and your applicant’s drug screening results.

To avoid ADA and other medical related litigation, we strongly recommend the use of an MRO with any employer related drug screening program.

Updated: 05/2020

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