Prescription Drugs Affect On Employment Drug Testing

Federal law indicates you may take certain medications if prescribed by a doctor.
However, certain prescription drugs will likely appear on an employment drug screening.

Opioid Use.

Nearly 30  percent of Americans suffer chronic pain.

The usage of pain killers more potent than morphine has more than doubled, and these drugs are showing up more frequently in pre-employment drug screening.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that physicians wrote over 250 million prescriptions for pain medications in a single year.

However, negative hiring decisions can not be based on unfounded concerns of disabled people protected who are protected under the Americans With Disabilities act.


Employers may well be concerned that a worker may be impaired and represent a danger to themselves and other employees even if the drugs are legally prescribed.

But, a positive test result for these drugs shouldn’t automatically be the basis for being denied a job.
An applicant should be provided the opportunity to explain and legitimize the result with documentation if it was caused by a physician’s legal prescription.

Employees who abuse the medication, or if it results in impairment or possibly endangers other employees or the public, the employer may want to pursue another medical evaluation.

Our suggestion to employer’s would be to handle non-negative drug test results through an MRO Medical Review Officer.

This helps avoid conflicts that might arise due to the ADA.

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