Site Inspections Required For Employment Credit Reports

 Effective November 1, 2015:

Credit Bureaus are very  strict about allowing access to consumers or job applicant’s personal information.

If you wish to have full disclosure access to an official pre-employment credit report.

All of the federally regulated credit bureaus require a site inspection of your principal office or residence (if you have a home office) .

If you wish to have direct access to an applicant’s credit in order to make your employment decisions the credit bureaus now require without exception a site inspection in order to protect the public from unscrupulous businesses that would like to have access to consumer credit reports.

What is a site inspection?

A licensed inspector approved by the bureau will visit your office or home (wherever you primarily operate) to verify the following:

1. Consumer credit files can be stored securely in a locked (room, drawer, filing cabinet, safe, etc).

2. you operate in a legal manner and are not operating an authorized business such as a massage service, credit counseling organization, law enforcement agency, private investigator, tattoo service, bail bondsman, adult entertainment of any kind, credit repair or reseller, news agency, journalist or dating service.

Following is a sample inspection report:

1. Did you speak with the contact person? No

a. If no, with whom did you speak? Please provide their name and title. John Doe,

Operations Manager/Property Manager

2. Is the company located at the exact address provided by the client? Yes

a. If no, please explain the discrepancy:

3. Type of neighborhood surrounding the business (check one): Other

If other please explain: The neighborhood is mostly residential with a few commercial buildings in the area.

4. Status of the neighborhood? Stable

If other please explain:

5. Does the location seem appropriate for that particular type of business (e.g. a mortgage company should have office space available for brokers and loan processors, and should be in a location accessible to the public)? Yes

a. Please provide a brief description: Office space and equipment was present as well as employees.

6. Is the office located in a house, apartment, mobile home, trailer, other? Please Explain:


7. Is the business area located in any portion of the living quarters (residential locations only)? N/A

8. If residential, is there a separate entrance to the building? N/A

9. Type of establishment (check all that apply): Exclusive Commercial Building

If other please explain:

10. If the customer shares space or is an Executive Suite, list the names of the other

companies and the services that they provide.

a. Is it separated from other businesses with a lockable door? N/A

b. What is the relationship between the companies?

11. Leasing company name and telephone number: Building is owned.

a. Are there signs in front of the building or in the lobby referring to the Leasing

Company/Agent? This company does not lease.

12. Does the facility appear to be a permanent office location? Yes

If not, please explain:

13. Obtain website address of company being inspected: www.johndoe.com

14. Is the business license displayed in the office? Yes

b. If no, explain:

c. If yes, please record: License Number 40699

Expiration Date: 9/30/16

Business License/SIC on License:

Licensing Agency/Phone Number: City of Miami

15. Is there evidence that this is an active business? Yes

a. Are employees present, client files, etc.?

16. Office Observations: a. Estimated square footage of office space: 1,200 sq. ft.

b. Number of employees observed: 2

c. Number of workstations: 2

d. Office equipment observed: (Check all that apply) File cabinets/ Customer files

Computers Copier Phones Fax Machine

17. If file cabinets are present, are there working locks? Yes

18. Are personal items on the desks or in the office of the employees (i.e. pictures of family, degrees/awards on the wall) Yes

19. Is the location consistent with the industry type (i.e. Car lot has vehicles for sale)? Yes

a. If no, please explain:

20. Is there a permanent (cannot be moved) sign that identifies the company? Yes

a. If yes, where is it located: Exterior of building

b. If no, ask “why?”:

c. Does the sign reflect the same company name provided by Global Compliance? Yes

d. If not, what is the exact name appearing on the sign?

21. Are interior and exterior signs present? No

Comments: Exterior sign only

22. What service(s) does it appear they provide (e.g. is there presence of inventory indicative of a retailer, do they serve customers or other businesses; is there presence of equipment indicative of a leasing company, etc.)?

Rents residential and commercial properties

a. Ask the question, “What type of services and products are provided?” Commercial

contractor – owns rental property, both residential and commercial

23. Is there evidence that the company is involved in or associated with credit repair, legal services of any kind, private investigations, consumer debt counseling, check cashing, process server, pawn shop, pornograhpy or related business, bail bonding, credit reselling/brokering or illegal activity? No

a. If yes, please explain:

b. Secure copies of any applicable literature

24. SECTION II- SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: Is there evidence of any suspicious activity? No

a. Please explain:

b. Please note any positive or negative observations related to security of premises, workstations, files, etc.:

25. Is the contact too nice, too angry, evasive, or too inquisitive (attempting to understand/influence inspection process)? Please explain:
The contact behaved in a professional manner.

26. Does the contact have difficulty describing the nature of the business and the company`s products and services? No

a. If yes please explain:

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