The Social Security Number Address history trace is the backbone of a professional  employment screening background check.

It tells us where the applicant has lived, or has an address that is associated in some way with that number and thus tells us where to look for records that the applicant may not have disclosed on their employment application.

This instant report provides a list of all addresses associated with a specific social security number for the past 10 years. 

These addresses are compiled from a variety of sources including the three credit bureaus and may also be from merchants, landlords etc.

Sometimes misspelled or similar names may also contribute to the inaccurate address history.

Do not be alarmed if long term addresses do not show up or if addresses never lived at appear.

These addresses do not in any way affect the background check.

Correcting Errors

If it is still a concern, you may contact the three credit bureaus and ask them to change the information




The SSN trace provides you the opportunity to cross check name and previous residence history as provided in the job application for possible inconsistencies.
Past Address History SSN Trace
People Associated with SSN
Provide A.K.A.’s
Provide Current and Past Addresses

This information is received through online contact with a National Credit Bureau.

However, it is not officially provided by or through the social security administration.

An individual’s address history comes from many different sources.

When you rent an apartment, buy a set of tires, even when you visit someone in another city and access credit that address may appear.

Other sources include Public utilities, Voter records, DMV records, credit header, US Postal service.

What If “No Records Found” Appears As The Results Of The Social Trace

There are several reasons why a SSN trace would come up with “no records found” for the address history.

The most common would be due to the individual’s age.

An individual’s address history comes from many different sources including public utilities, US postal service and rental agreements to name a few.

If the applicant is a very young adult then it is quite possible that they have not yet established enough credit/address history to be reportable at the time the SSN trace was ordered.

Another reason that no address history records may be found is that an individual who would normally be old enough to have established address/credit history, is that they may have recently arrived in the United States and again have just not been here long enough to establish address history.

And sometimes due to a typo or data entry mistake the SSN was entered incorrectly when the trace was ran which would result in a “no records found”.

What if someone else’s name appears as part of the social trace:

Sometimes, due to typos or incorrect data entry an address or other name may appear that is no way connected to the applicant.

If the applicant’s Social Security Number is being used somewhere by someone else, the other persons name may appear.

Of course, If an applicant is using another person’s Social Security Number, the other person’s name may also appear.
In any case, it should not be used as the basis for an employment related decision

If an applicant has ever changed his or her name, used another name or an alias, this can cause the prior name or alias to appear.

Sometimes, several other people (such as spouses, parents, children, or roommates) jointly apply for credit jointly.  

When this happens the other people’s names may appear under the same Social Security Number.

Writing on credit applications may be misunderstood and misread. For example, the number may be incorrectly entered by someone or interpreted as a letter rather than a number.

Normally this does not cause any issue.

After the date of June 24th 2011, social security numbers can no longer be used to determine the sate and date range in which the number was issued, as a random system was adopted the SSA.

The information will confirm the following: Name associated with the social security number supplied, and will notify of any fraudulent use.

It is important to verity the information provided by a candidate concerning his/her identity and where they have lived. This is the foundation of a solid background investigation. By tracing the SSN use history it is much more difficult for a candidate to hide his/her identity and possible criminal history.

No Record found
I Ordered a CRIMINAL RECORD SMART SEARCH PLUS® and received the alert message below. What does it mean?


The package you have ordered on this applicant is incomplete.

One or more of the following search type(s) are missing. You may add the search type(s) below before continuing, or continue without adding them.

If you choose to continue without adding the searches you will still be charged the package price. Click the Add Search link next to the search type(s) listed below:

Federal Criminal – Add Search

In addition to the traditional state and county criminal record searches, our CRIMINAL RECORD SMART SEARCH PLUS® contains unlimited federal criminal record searches in all Federal jurisdictions* the the individual has lived in based on the last seven years of address history, as provided by the Social Security Address history Trace,*(Federal criminal records are maintained separately by each state)

If the SSN Trace results come back with “No Records Found” then our system will prompt the user that the Smart Search package is incomplete and is missing a federal jurisdiction which can be added manually by clicking on the “Add Search” link in blue to the right of “Federal Criminal” and then selecting the jurisdiction you would like to be included in the search.

In this case, if there are no address records that are reported on the SS Trace, you should use should be the current state jurisdiction of residence based on the information provided on the employment application.

If there is no address history reported on the SSN Trace and you received this Alert message, then it would indicate that the last address reported was outside of the seven year history parameter, In this case, the user can simply view the SSN trace results then click “Add Search” and add the desired jurisdictions.

We are also always happy to do this for our clients as well.  Just call or email us and we will be happy to add the appropriate state Federal Court jurisdictions for you.

For different types of Social security Cards Issued: Please Click Here

Our  Automated Employment Screening provides an applicant controlled process that allows FCRA compliant background check forms, including Electronic Chain-Of-custody  forms  and  releases to be completed online by the applicant.

We provide several short   videos    to  easily acquaint you with the system.

This makes the background check process fast and easy.

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