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Question 1.  

– What are the specific  Tricare® Criminal Background Check Requirements?

A.  TRICARE® requires a  manual search of criminal records, (felony & misdemeanor)  of all counties, state repositories, and United States Federal district courts.

B. These records must be searched in   all  jurisdictions the applicant has lived or worked in within the  past 10 years. 

C. TRICARE® REQUIRES   a 10 year Social Security Number address history trace be completed  on each applicant.

D. TRICARE® requires a check of the sex offender registry in all 50 states.

Question  2. 

 – How are the reports displayed and are they easy to read?

A – The report will contain the candidate’s name and information (SSN’s are truncated for privacy), the employers name, and a list of addresses that have been associated with the candidate’s SSN.

Occasionally, the candidate may not have actually lived at all the addresses shown on the social security trace. 

We must still check all of those jurisdictions for records.

Then,  each individual county, state, and US Federal jurisdiction will be listed by name.

The search status will read “No Record” or “Record, ”

No record indicates no criminal records were found.
Record will indicate a criminal record was found.

If there is a record, after we have verified it, that record will be displayed by listing the type of offense, offense date, file date, and disposition date, as well as any other type of information provided by the courts such as jail time, fines, etc.

The Sex Offender Registry search will be listed by name as well.
 Any Sex Offender Records would be reported from the registry.

Question  3.

-Are fingerprints included in this report?

A – Finger prints are not included in the report.
Fingerprinting requirements are typically set by state laws required for individuals who work with minors, the elderly, or any other type of “vulnerable” group.

Please check you individual state laws.
If finger printing is required, it is typically administered by your state police.

You can order criminal records from any state through our system. 

Question  4.

– What are the turnaround times?

A – Same day to next day in most cases.

Question  5.
– How are the reports delivered when completed?

A – Reports are automatically emailed to the employer when complete.

Question  6.

– Are the Tricare® background checks FCRA compliant?

A – Yes. All of our reports are FCRA compliant.

Question 7

– Does National Employment Screening© provide me with a authorization form for the candidate to sign giving their consent to the background check?

A – Yes, we provide all of our candidates with FCRA compliant Authorization / Disclosure forms.

Question  8.

– How do I order a report?

A – The employer can order the report two ways, by logging in and entering the candidate information (name, DOB, SSN, address,) or by sending the candidate an emailed invitation to enter their own information.

Results are automatically sent to the employer when complete.

Please follow this link for short videos  explaining the ordering process:

Question  9.

– Do you require a contract or any type of obligation?

A – No. We only require a user agreement (which we provide.)  
The user agreement specifies that you will comply with all appropriate laws governing employment background checks, such as protecting the privacy of the individual applicant, and only using the reports for employment purposes.

Question  10

– How long does it take to get started?

A – We can establish an account and you can usually begin ordering within an hour of us receiving the signed user agreement.

Question 11. 

– What if I have questions, or need assistance?

A – We can be contacted by email or phone anytime during normal business hours. All of our Tricare administered clients have a designated account manager, who is always happy to help.

All of our employees are based in the US. We send no information overseas.

Question 12.

– Are there any additional or hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees.
However, TRICARE® requires us to access  and include a check of certain state  criminal records databases, based on the applicant’s address history.

No surprises. 

Tricare®  requires some state  criminal records be accessed from states that charge  us additional state or county court access fees.

Please see this page  for a list of states that  charge extra state criminal records access fees.

We  must pass pass these fees  on to you as an additional charge. 

You will always see the price disclosed for a report before you order it.

We do not mark these fees up in any way. 

The additional court records access fees required by a few states are always disclosed to you prior to your ordering. 

Question 13.

-What if my candidate has lived in numerous jurisdictions in the last 10 years?

Am I charged separately over a certain number?

A-There is no limit in the basic TRICARE background check package on the jurisdictions a candidate has lived.

However, alias name searches may result in additional state fee charges.

Some state courts do charge NES a court access fee.
We pass this fee on to the employer.

They are  not marked up in any way.

Question 14.

-What about monthly minimums or sign up fees?

A  – There are no monthly minimum or sign up fees.

You are only charged for the reports you order on a monthly basis. 

If you order one report in a month, your credit card will be charged the next month for that report.

If you order no reports, then no invoice is generated and no charge is  incurred.

Please see the following page regarding additional fees if they apply:
 Additional Employment Screening Services Fees Explained


Question 15.

-Can I cancel any jurisdictions that charge additional fees?

A – No.
In order to meet Tricare®’s requirements, all jurisdictions the candidate has lived or worked in for the past 10 years must be searched regardless of any applicable court access fees. 
Tricare® audits all background checks submitted on all applicants for compliance . Tricare will reject any background checks that are not fully compliant.

Question 16.
-How are the completed background reports submitted to TRICARE?
Does National employment Screening submit them to TRICARE®?

A-Completed reports are submitted to TRICARE® by the  employer.
TRICARE©  will review the reports for compliance.

They can be converted to a PDF format and submitted along with any other required credentials.

Question 17.

-Can we access reports that  we have previously  ordered on applicants?

A- Yes.
All reports you have ordered are archived on our servers and are easily accessible  through your account.

Question 18.

We already order a state specific criminal  records background check. Why does TRICARE® require more than that?

A-A single state background check would only reveal a criminal record in that state.
Many times counties are very late in reporting arrests and prosecutions to the state.

TRICARE® realizes how deficient that is, as it would miss criminal records and the sex offender registries  in all the other 49 states. 
Moreover our background checks go back 10 years.

Many states may not maintain records that long.

This causes additional manual searches of county court records to get the required searches completed.

Also, our TRICARE® compliant background checks include a check of Federal court records, which contain about 10 percent of all crimes.
Including crimes like luring a minor across state lines for illicit purposes.

Question 19.

-Where can I find the separately required DOD background check authorization release form? 

A- The DOD background check release form may be found here,

For your convenience, please find a link to the Department Of Defense (DOD) manual outing background check compliance requirements.

This authorization form may be required by DOD in addition to the release and authorization we require for our background checks. \

Question 20

A- Alias Name Searches And Fees

-TRICARE® requires a separate search of all Alias names that appear on the applicant’s social security address history trace.

 For further explanation of Alias name searches and state fees charged, please see our page on Alias name searches by Clicking Here 


We Also Offer Employment Drug Screening.

  Please Click Here for more Information.

We can verify most professional licenses for those businesses or professions that employ licensed people.

Please also note that all employment background check, drug screening, driving record and state release authorization forms are available in a PDF format file to our   Automated Employment Screening   Clients. 

Our Automated Employment Screening provides an applicant controlled process that allows: FCRA compliant background check forms, including Electronic Chain-Of-custody  forms and  releases to be completed online by the applicant.



We provide several short VIDEOS  to easily acquaint you with the system. 

This makes the background check process fast and easy.

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