Humana Tricare

In accordance with Department Of Defense (DOD) policy requirements, Tricare® requires the CBHC (Criminal Background History Check) to include a criminal history check of all names, and alias names, in  all  counties, United States federal court jurisdictions and state criminal history repositories based on the applicant’s last 10 years address history.

At this time, unless our data sources increase the cost of Alias searches, National Employment Screening   does not charge a separate search fee for conducting Alias searches.

When required to complete an additional search for an Alias name, most states will charge an additional separate fee for these searches.

The last 10 years address history is determined by a Social Security Number Address History Trace (SSN Trace) which is included in t our Tricare 10 Year Criminal Report.

The SSN Trace will show any addresses and names associated with the applicant’s social security number. Often, names that are different from the applicant’s current name will appear on the SSN Trace.

These different names are referred to as “Alias” names.

In most cases an alias name does not indicate any type of deception, it is typically the result of a name change due to the applicant’s marital status or some type of abbreviation or “nick-name” such as “Willie” for William, “Jenny” for Jennifer, “Mike” for Michael.

Sometimes an alias name can be the result of different spellings of the applicant’s name such as “Christina” for Kristina.

When the SSN Trace results in alias names, these names will also propagate on the individual state criminal history repository searches.

And, this may result in an additional state access fee for each name searched.  

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