Veterinary Services Employment Background checks

Veterinary and Pet Care Services Employment Background Checks


The risks that employees bring to veterinarians and pet care providers is sometimes not so obvious.
Access to prescription drugs can cause a real problem for the Veterinary services provider. Also, employees often have access to client's credit card and other personal information

The temptation to under count prescription refills, the allure of the money or just providing drugs or client's personal information illicitly to "friends" is difficult to refuse for some people.

The Veterinary services owner's best risk management tool is the careful selection and screening of employees.

Pre-Employment Screening 

By using a quality pre-employment screening background check that properly screens applicants and employees, you can take the best first step needed to mitigate the risk of hiring employees whose past indicates a propensity for criminal activity such as theft, fraud, embezzlement or substance abuse.

Know who you are really hiring and hire the best and most productive employees.

The Two Most Important Elements Of An Employment Screening Program

A thorough criminal records background check that includes a check of State, County and Federal criminal records.

Our criminal record "Smart Search Plus®" will give you the peace of mind that you have done a diligent criminal records background check.

For an example of an applicant with a Federal criminal record but no state or county arrest record, Click Here. 

This record would not have been found without a check of the separately maintained Federal criminal records systems which contains about 10 per cent of all arrest records.

Of course, a pre-employment drug screen is also needed.

The above-listed risks can be minimized by following a two-step employee screening process, consisting of (1) a criminal background check and (2) a drug test.

All of our criminal records background checks comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA 

We also supply Federally compliant employment screening releases and other forms needed in connection with employment screening background checks.

Instant driving records are available for screening those applicants that might also possibly drive on behalf of the veterinarian or pet care center.

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